Feeling Drained at This Point Tbh~


Hope everyone had a nice week. I’ve been pretty stressed this past week myself. It’s crunch time for my thesis project and I’m feeling the pressure. I’m trying not to take it out on unsuspecting folk but please excuse me if I do. I’m cranky and I need a twenty-thousand hour nap.

Anyway, this week we began the treacherous trek into the world of Twitter bots. Honestly, I love bots and designing them is a lot of fun. Certain changes to Twitter’s policies have made it a little less fun, though. They definitely need stricter guidelines but these regulations make the creative process a little more bogged down (what with all the bureaucratic, look we’re actually bothering to ask questions like we always should’ve been tape.

I digress.

I eventually managed to give a certain rebellious, misanthropic, misfit alchemist more of a voice so she can torment more than just me. You can check out the deets on that here. Please, let ya girl know if she’s a bit too…silent that means I’m going to chuck my laptop out the window ’cause don’t play with me Google spreadhseets.


So far, Vlada’s not so chatty in the #netnarr realm but we’ll see how that changes as time goes on…

2019-04-13 (1)

The ability of bots to not be detected by an application like this one is both fascinating and vaguely horrifying??? To me, it means that AI is getting better and better at masquerading as/playing human. It makes me wonder if there really will be that tipping point, that “event horizon” where AI becomes the “human” voice of the Internet and human voices become flagged for being bots.

Speaking of vaguely horrifying subjects…

My research project.

I have complained the entire way through it thus far. Believe me, I’m aware. This week’s post is no exception. I mean, I do narrow down my topic and provide some evidence I have perused so far on the topic. When I began delving into how evaluative features on social media platforms affect us, I found a lot of very interesting sources about the concept of social curation. I feel like social curation encapsulates much of what I want to focus on. At least, it seems to cover all of my expressed concerns and provides me with a particular avenue to address issues of evaluative features on social media platforms specifically.

Check out the actual post for more in-depth analysis and discussion on why this topic is truly concerning, especially in an online context. And pro-tip: check the margins too….

In addition to narrowing down my focus in this post, I also narrowed down some of my main, lingering concerns for the field guide. They mostly revolve around the seeming expectations for the project and my concerns about time management and the workload. Typical student bs, probably, that educators are sick of hearing about. But, this class is supposed to be a conversation/democracy so I’m hoping my concerns will still be considered and only minimally eye-rolled at.

So, as for the trajectory of this project, I have a lot of reading and annotating to do still for some of my supporting literature. I want to take a creative approach to this project, though. I’m considering making a #finsta/Instagram account to explore social curation through a site based upon it. I’m not sure what kind of content I would want to share, though. I don’t know what would best open the dialogue rather than mock the enterprise outright–which accomplishes nothing. I’m thinking Alex Saum’s #YOLO project which used the confessional style youtube video to make a point about the increasing lack of authenticity in online spaces. I like how the design reinforced the message. What would be the anti-commodification of self look like in an online space like Instagram that is so reliant upon it?

I’m also considering just making a kind of frenetic site that uses gifs and whatnot to explore the issue and the literature around it. I could make it journalistic or style it like a public forum.

I want to see how others are designing their project before I make a final decision. I would ultimately like to have a contribution that is in conversation with the work off my peers. None of these issues we’re discussing exist in a vacuum and I think that should be emphasized more than anything. The Internet doesn’t have 12 easily identifiable problems. It is a burning dumpster fire careening violently towards a sheer cliff that overlooks an oubliette of spikes and toxic sludge. There are many problems holding the Internet precariously together. That shouldn’t be understated.


Daily Digital Alchemies

This week, I think I made a reference to Memento….

And, I definitely referenced the impending end of this semester. Cannot come soon enough. (No offense)

~Till next time~

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