Reflections of Us

What the Professors did not know when they turned the whole world into a glass eye is what would reflect back.

See, they made the eyes out of mirrored glass.

Covered spires and lampposts, windows and concrete with tiny, shiny eyes–always watching, always showing. Without pupils or irises, they seem to follow you, act out your life in their little sclera screens for you. Beads of silver beneath moonlight–darkness the only safe place, now.

Reflected back, we saw how small and easy we were to replicate to the world and we hid.

The Professors didn’t like that.

They said if we wouldn’t come out, then they’d come in. The eyes would go in and ours would go out. If we wouldn’t look, then they’d make us see.

For all their know-how, the Professors knew very little. For all their vision, saw very little.

To be fair, once we started to smash their mirror glass eyes, I suppose they couldn’t very well see much of anything.

Still, I doubt they foresaw us picking up the shards of their shattered world and jabbing them into our own eyes. Deep, deep until red gave way to blessed black. Merciful dark. Reflections of ourselves become shadow memory.

What the Professors should’ve known when they turned the whole world into a giant glass eye, is that we’d rather blind ourselves than meet its gaze. Our gaze.

They should’ve known.

You’d know, right? If the world’s mirror were facing you, you’d smash it to bits, right? To forget what you saw, you’d pick up the shards right? To un-know, you’d know what to do, right?

You’d do it too, right?


Would you?

FullSizeRender (1)

~Till next time ^.^~

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  1. Rather uplifting. I must admit I am quite honored when students just create something because they could not help themselves (guessing that’s what happened here). But what I way to run with that prompt.

    I guess he question might be, is there still unknowing after that? The mind’s eye?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love taking every opportunity I can to impress with my creativity~ Lol I really do enjoy doing writing these little stories and I wish I had more time to devote to them. I think it’d be a cool project–a collection of stories inspired by the seeming nonsense of twitter bots. It’s reminiscent of the early free-association work Surrealists were into~

      And, I’m not sure exactly what happens next, Alan. Understandably, the denizens of this world are rather wary of my attention…. But, I’d like to hope a deeper truth is uncovered in the darkness, a new kind of light found and ignited to guide. Something that can be seen yet not seen. I like to think that kind of magic is found.


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