Hello From the Other Side…

(No, not the Adele song. Sorry. Not my style~~~)

Instead, recently, I went on a trip Through the Looking Glass and just had to send a postcard. Despite the times, the Red & White Queendoms have yet to make the switch to the pony express. This may because of the knightly employment all horses in these lands already seem to have….

Anyway, these circumstances left me only the option of snail mail. So, I made do.At the edge of where these two Queendoms meet, is a third territory. Something about Hearts and Wonder, or whatever. I was warned to mind my neck if I decided to venture past the border, be careful not to stick it out too far. Keep my head down and all that. I think it was just a ruse to get me to buy a scarf or a hat from one of the area’s boutiques. The hatter honestly sounded mad.

Setting my misgivings aside, I did snag a scarf or two….perhaps a hat…that hatter was oddly charming…..oh! and this postcard. Hope it finds you well!




You weren’t kidding when you said this place was all topsy-turvey! It’s taken twice as long to get as far as I want to go. Two steps forward to get one step back and all that jazz. The food leaves little to be desired too… Will write you again if I ever get where I’m going!

With Love,



Both sides of this postcard were crafted in Photoshop with my limited, high school knowledge of the program to guide me. Some cropping was done here and there. The perspective warped. Image flipped, like a reflection (*nudge, nudge*). Then, a mask or several playing around with the contrast. Some layers, too. Slap on some text. Distort it or reflect (*nudge*) it. And, voila!

I did have some issues with making a stamp and the other postage. Didn’t have the patience, mainly, to make something more authentic looking. So, I did what I always do, and got creative. Hope that doesn’t take anything away from the work.

Also, know Cheshire doesn’t appear in Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. But, I thought the Cheshire cat grin was a cool, aesthetic decision. Sue me. Cheshire is a fave fictional character. (A bit below Dr. Lecter though. You can check that piece dedicated to that preference here.)

Anyway, as it did Alice, I hope all of this finds you well. And, puts, perhaps, a smile or the trace of one like Cheshire’s on you face ^.^



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