A Feel Good Story…?

Who doesn’t squeal at the sight of cute, baby animals? Wait… The lambs are screaming? The baby sheep? Why? What could possibly…. Oh. Oh. 


Am I safe to assume that we’ve all read and/or seen this classic? With Anthony Hopkins? ClariceQuid pro quoIt puts the lotion on the skin. We all on the same page? Understand why this book cover is a little deceiving? Misleading? Toeing the not-so-thin line of outright lying?


I made this less-than-honest cover in Photoshop, using what little knowledge remains from some high school computer art and graphic design courses. Nothing really fancy was done. Just some cropping and resizing. Cutting and pasting. A mask here. A filter or several there. Mainly, I adjusted the contrast–to give it a kind of soft focus. Light and airy. Left a slight streak of red in the upper right-hand corner, though. A hint. There’s a very gentle touch of red on the lambs, as well. It’s kind of alchemy–the magic of subtlety. Things that can be gleaned by keen eyes. The story piecer-togethers.

Hope this gave you a chuckle. A snort. Maybe, an amused smile? I try. Don’t have to try too hard with the fun exercises though. Those tend to draw their own laughs ^.^



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