Shadow Girl Reflects I

This week was an inspired one. I feel like I found my groove. What jives with me. I need a little time to acclimate myself to new environments but, once I get comfortable, I gain momentum fast. (At least, I think so.)

I think this shift occurred because, during this week, we were asked to really “up” the personal participation in online spaces. To insert ourselves, our tastes, and our stories into the alchematrix, as it were. (How many participated in #dda37 btw? Anyone recognize that pretty glitch?)

For me, the 5 card Flickr stories were particularly engaging. I think the whole concept of them is creative and magickal and really captures the essence of the “unexpected” — a quality I am finding myself increasing attracted to. Until it is mentioned as lacking, you don’t notice how little it actually does appear in a lot of traditional storytelling platforms. So, I’ve been reveling in the unexpectedness digital mediums can inject into narratives.

The First story I imagined was Lucid Dreaming. It inspired a continuation of sorts. (Which you can read here.) For me, this story became a mini-exercise in free-association. Dada and Surrealist artists were really into this method of art creation and it is something that infinitely fascinates me as well. In part, I think this is because the essence of free-associating is taking the unexpected or the seemingly random and re-configuring or reimagining it with new purpose. That’s my favourite kind of magic. It’s difficult to perform but, the results speak for themselves.

**I feel compelled to reveal that a character from a story I’ve been working on also inspired the slant of this story. Ariadne Ashbone. Life–and by life I mean me–has not been kind to her. But, still, beauty remains in her vision. One day, I hope to share her full story with a lot more people.

My remix, Temptation, was a reimagining of a lovely story Marissa wrote. I hope it was enjoyed ^.^

Kudos, Alan, for such a cool idea with these stories. I think they are an excellent and effective tool for inspiring creativity.

Something else that saw to the realization of creativity was, surprisingly, interaction with online bots–computer-generated, disembodied users on Twitter whose “thoughts” are these algorithms that remix certain input data into a new configuration for our consumption. In practice, they are quite fun. Don’t mistake me, some generate utter nonsense that seems to defy any kind of meaningful interpretation but, others, can extend invitations into unexpected, dream worlds. I talk at length about that here.

From reading some of my peers’ thoughts, I know not everyone shares my fascination with the bots. Some think they’re stupid. Some don’t “get them.” But, I love creating stories and reading stories and, so, I love seeing the evolution of those 2 things I love–storytelling and reading stories–in action. It’s easy to hate or disregard or delegitimize something. It’s harder to attempt understanding and find appreciation.


I just really find this kind of “dreamy” writing to be really inspiring and to be meaningful if given the time to be. @all_the_gods (one of my fave bots)

#dda36 provided an excellent exercise for those who had reservations about bots, I think, to see another, more inspiring side of them. I know I was very inspired by that prompt. Perhaps too inspired. See for yourself. Honestly, the last thing I need is another story to add to my pile of half-finished drafts/works-in-progress.

(I found 2 more bots with great writing prompts since I last posted about them: @TheCityofNames & @thedoorTHEDOOR. This could get quickly out of hand. Be on the lookout for a new tag soon–for stories inspired by bot prompts. I think I’m going to need one. Let me know if anyone might be interested in a tag like that–or, in joining me in creating a tag like that.)

Anyway, what else is there….?

Oh. I appreciate everyone’s commentary on my posts. I really do. I try to get back to everyone in a timely manner, especially if you ask an interesting question or provide some stellar insight. @cogdog shared this cool article with me on an earlier post if anyone else is interested in checking it out. It’s about True Mirrors and the distance that separates reality from our perception of it. From reading it, I kind of came to this conclusion that writing is a kind of True Mirror in and of itself.

**Note to shadow self: Need to work on leaving more comments of my own. I’m a little shy~

Well, I think that’s it for me. Will let you see how Shadow Girl fares in next week’s reflection.

(Maybe I’ll figure out what’s going on with xah xah by then. Probably not.)

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  1. You are definitely in a deep groove this week. I am appreciating the meta writing, the writing about the writing, some insights to your approach on the assignments and DDAs.

    There is a tendency to try to “figure out” bots quickly or put them in some kind of characteristic box. I am sensing you are doing what I hope students do, spend some time with them, as characters of their own, letting them reveal maybe a personality or the unexpected trait not expected. Keep doing that, we will come back to doing more with them later.

    And a big kudos for figuring out the menus and all the widgets in your blog footer (++ for headings like “The Squad”).

    I’m still trying to sort out the xah xah myself, it’s keeping me up at night trying to keep the rogues out of the web site.


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